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Ruby Creek is developing a gold property located in Tanzania known as the Gold Plateau. Ruby's Gold Plateau Project consists of a property with a 10 year mining licence and a number of adjacent properties containing similar deposit characteristics.

The region hosts extensive artisanal gold mining activities. Ruby Creek has mining and processing equipment onsite and additional processing equipment enroute and is restarting its gold production plan.

Ruby Creek intends to begin a hard rock exploration program on the properties in 2016.

Our mission statement

Our Mission is to identify, acquire, and develop gold mining properties. We must maximize value for our shareholders and stakeholders. We take this seriously by aggressively pursuing select opportunities as they arise while minimizing share capital dilution.

Company history

After a period of re-structuring, late in 2013 Ruby Creek Resources commenced forward selling a portion of it’s future gold production in the UK, due for delivery 10 months from date of sale, a Forward Gold Sale.

The brochure Statement was as follows:
Ruby Creek was first incorporated in 2006 with the company’s principle business being the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties. In 2010 Ruby Creek Resources (Tanzania) was formed and was followed by several more Tanzanian companies in 2011. The USA office is located in Los Angeles, and the Tanzania office in Dar es Salaam.

The company is developing a gold property located in an area of Tanzania known as the Gold Plateau. This Gold Plateau Project consists of a property with a 10-year mining license and a number of adjacent properties with similar deposit characteristics. The region hosts extensive artisanal gold mining activities.

  • Ruby Creek is actively developing, exploring and expanding the Gold Plateau Project, more than 1500 km2 of prospecting and mining rights in Southern Tanzania.
  • It has acquired its first mining license on the Gold Plateau, for ten years across ten square kilometres, as part of the acquisition of the Gold Standard Co. This acquisition included mining equipment.
  • Test mining was conducted from September, 2010 to May, 2012.
  • The mining license allows Ruby Creek to start commercial gold production.

Gold Production

Presently operations are in the test and commissioning phase and are moving toward continuous gold production. Ruby Creek has equipment capacity of 40 ton/hour with the potential of increasing to 60 ton/ hour. Additional equipment is planned to further increase capacity to over 200 ton/hour in the next year.

Ruby Creek original management and crew.
Tanzanian Mining Locations.

Los Angeles, USA - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

June 2015: As part of the ongoing evolution of our Company, the desire to incorporate additional and new mining asset opportunities in both Tanzania and Western Canada, and the intent to relocate to London with increased access to European Capital Markets, the Company has made the strategic decision to change the category of our SEC registration from a reporting to a non-reporting company for the time being. The Company feels that over this short period of time our resources are best utilized in the continuing development of our Gold Production. The Company will be utilizing the Alternative Filing System to file our financials.

Revelstoke, British Columbia. M100 Ore processing plant.

December 2016: Capable of processing up to 120 tonnes of Ore per hour the new M100 processing plant was despatched from the manufacturer, in its container, ready for onward shipping to Dar es Salaam, arrival in Tanzania is dependent upon shipping schedules, but is estimated at second week of February.

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Robert Slavik
CEO and Managing Director
R. Slavik checking gold machine Model 10.
R. Slavik testing gold machine before departure to Tanzania.

New North Tanzania Project near Shinyanga

We are pleased to announce a recently acquired project in a group of gold mining properties near Shinyanga, in the prolific Lake Victoria gold belt. These particular mining claims are in an area with historically proven resources and are currently being mined but only by the local artisan miners. The mining claims have been hand mined in both alluvial and hardrock environments with limited success however the deposits are well suited for modern mining and extraction methods.

We have negotiated an arrangement to work in harmony and cooperation with local artisanal miners and small mining businesses, with a specific commitment to “Jamii’ principles. Jamii is a Swahili term, which loosely interpreted means ‘to be at one with, and for the benefit of the community’. We are initially deploying 50% of our recently received new gold processing capacity and will expand throughout this year.

We are committed to enhancing local infrastructure, education, and medical care to create a North Tanzanian Gold Project with ethical production and high gold returns.

The Gold Plateau Properties

The Gold Plateau Project is located in southern Tanzania, approximately 150 km north of the Mozambique border. Ruby Creek's Gold Plateau Project consists of 15 properties of highly prospective gold mineralized territory. The mining and mineral rights were acquired for over $12 million in a series of business transactions.

Area History

Gold mineralization in the area was first discovered by Geological Survey of Tanzania following a country-wide geochemical surveying program in 1990's. Small scale artisanal mining activities commenced in 2002 by local miners, aimed at exploring and mining gemstone. However, a significant amount of gold was recovered from the concentrates and hence the area turned from gemstone to alluvial gold mining. The reported production from artisanal mining work by local miners was reported to average between 1.5 to 2 kilograms of gold per month, recovered from loose sands and gravels.


The Gold Plateau Project is situated at the eastern margin of the Selous Basin where Karoo and young sedimentary rock are in fault contact with low to high-grade metamorphosed rocks of Neoproterozoic age belonging to the Mozambique Belt. The Proterozoic basement rocks are bounded by Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic basins to the east, north and west. The dominant rocks are biotite schist and gneiss, granitic gneiss, garnetiferous, amphibolite's, quartzite, pegmatite dyke and mafic sills which are unconformably overlain by palaeo-placer sand and pebble beds and recent superficial deposits. The regional structural trends that control the deposition appear to be trending at northwest and northeast.

The geology of the property is dominated by thick (up to 10 m) of transported cover consisting of palaeo-placer sand, gravel and pebble beds derived from Karoo to the west and younger sedimentary rocks. The sand horizon is massive, graded from fine to coarse grained, characterized by orange-yellow sands, well exposed at Old Matandani Prospect, and white-grey sands which cover the large part of the property. The basal conglomerate pebbles (auriferous pebbles and cobbles beds) are well rounded, well sorted, dominantly made of quartzite, quartz rocks, and other basement rocks.

The thickness of palaeo-placer sand--pebble beds and the overlaying black clays material increase toward the eastern part of Mbwemkuru River as observed at Mkilikage Prospect. This would be expected if the source of the deltaic or beach placer material is from the west. At Mkilikage Prospect, a thick layer of medium to coarse grained sandy bed (~ 2.5 m thick) resulted from modern river deposition is overlaying palaeo-placer sand-pebble beds. This sandy bed is characterized by well-developed cross bedding sedimentary structures with minimal gold content until the lower reaches.

The red-brown sands are massive with no obvious bedding. They comprise subangular quartz grains with a matrix of hematite clay. They range from <1 m up to 3 m thickness, and generally appear to be thicker upslope, particularly at the western extremity of the property, well exposed at Old Matandani workings. They have been reworked in the current river bed, with removal of the clay, to produce white friable sands that extend for up to 300 m, but generally less, up slope. These are clearly gold-bearing as they have been extensively mined by artisanals, but panning suggests that they are low grade.

The sands overlie a polymictic conglomerate sequence that comprises several clay-rich, horizontally bedded units interlayered with sandy beds. The clastsrange from pebbles through cobbles to boulders, the latter being only sporadically developed, but suggesting that there may be distinct channels in the conglomerate sequence up slope from the present river. Artisanal activity and panning indicate that the conglomerates have higher gold grades than the overlying sands. This feature would be anticipated in a delta or beach placer forming river fan.

Most of the Neoproterozoic basement rocks are exposed on the NE-SW trending ridge located in the central-eastern portion of the property with few outcrops observed in the south part, exposed on the river banks and beds. The basement geology consists of granite-gneisses, biotite gneiss, schist and quartzo-feldspathic gneiss and quartzite, which have been intruded by pegmatite veins and mafic dykes and quartz veins.

The quartzite has a bedded sugary texture. The biotite gneiss is fine grained, well bedded with biotite, feldspar and quartz. Quartz-feldspar gneiss additionally contains minor biotite and was also observed to contain some large augen like feldspar crystals. Pegmatite was generally seen to have graphic texture with very coarse grained feldspar and smaller quartz crystals, and with only biotite or chlorite as an accessory mineral. The granite-gneiss characterized by granoblastic texture and weakly developed foliation fabrics.
Rich gold ore.
Positioning a feeder.
Fuel supply.
Test Mining site, breaking up the clay.
Drilling a water well.
Hard work, good camp and good food.

Tanzania mining

Gold is the primary driver of the mining industry in this nation of abundant mineral resources.

Since a major over-haul in the country's mining act in 1998, Tanzania has been the focus of some of the largest mining companies in the World. Major gold mining companies operating in the country include African Barrick (London - ABG.L), AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE -- AU) and Resolute Mining (Australia -- RSG.AX). Tanzania is the fourth largest gold producer in Africa with a 2009 output of 50 metric tons. South Africa (240 mt), Ghana (80 mt) and Mali (60 mt) are the top three producers.

Tanzania has substantial reserves of minerals including copper, nickel, iron, coal, uranium, diamonds and a wide variety of gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite and Tanzanite (only found and mined in Tanzania).

Active Resource Companies in Tanzania

African Barrick - LSE:ABG.L
Ruby Creek Resources - OTC: RBYC
AngloGold Ashanti - NYSE:AU
IMX Resources - ASX: IXR
Tanzanian Royalty - Amex: TRE
Uranium One - Toronto: UUU.TO
Petra Diamonds - London: PDL.L
Helio Resource Corp - TSXV: HRC
Resolute Mining - Australia: RSG.AX
Shanta Gold - LSE: SHG.L
Tanzanite One - LSE: RLD.L
Build of GOLD leaching plant.
Ore sample visible gold.
Stock piling ore.

Robert Slavik (Director & Chairman)

Mr. Slavik joined the Ruby Creek Board of Directors on June 18, 2009 and served as the Company's CEO, President and acting COO until January 31, 2012 when he resigned from all management positions. Mr. Slavik rejoined Ruby Creek as President and CEO on January 28, 2013. He has held management positions in public and private corporations for more than 30 years working in North America, Africa and China. Currently he is also President and Director of Tanzanian Goldfields Company and Pacific Gems Trading Company, both private gem and resource companies. His responsibilities have ranged from evaluations and turnarounds to operations. Mr. Slavik served in the turnaround of a Tanzanian resource company and as a consultant for two Montreal based Canadian venture capital companies prior to joining Ruby Creek in 2009. Mr. Slavik graduated in engineering and business administration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

S.C. Magembe Cheyo (Director)

Mr. Cheyo is a well-known Tanzanian businessman with strong interests in mining and resource property development. He holds a degree in Accounting from the Dar es salaam School of Accountancy. In November 1982 he joined West Bromwich College, Association of Supervisors in Purchasing and Supply in Birmingham, UK. Two years later he graduated as a member of the Professional Institute for Purchasing and Supply (UK). In addition to mining, his business activities include construction, property and resort development and management. He strives for excellence in his companies one of which was the recipient of an International Business award for just that. In resource development he is a holder of extensive land positions and databases of Tanzanian mining and oil and gas properties. Mr. Cheyo previously served on our Advisory Board. Mr. Cheyo advises Ruby Creek on such issues as joint venture agreements, transfers or assignments of mineral rights, mining license applications and government and community relations.

J4 (Logistical Manager Tanzania)

Terry Millar (Security Manager Tanzania)

Corporate responsibilities

We are dedicated to living the concept of "Jamii" (Swahili for being in and of the community).

Ruby Creek is working in an ethical and law abiding manner wherever we operate. We are committed to fulfilling all of our regulatory obligations and requirements.

Ruby Creek recognizes that we are a guest operating in the country of Tanzania. We ensure our operations meet or exceed all environmental and mining laws and guidelines.

We are committed to maintaining or restoring the natural beauty and keeping our areas livable for both people and wildlife.

Builds proper accomodation.


Ruby Creek's Gold Plateau project is located in a remote part of Tanzania's south. Most towns and villages have very limited infrastructure making the area not a very desirable location for teachers to begin their careers. We recognize the value of education and want to help the children get a quality education. Ruby Creek has made it a focus to provide much needed financial assistance on both the local and national level to help educate the children. We proudly support education and have taken these initiatives:

Hassan Maajar Trust
Ruby Creek is a proud donor to the Hassan Maajar Trust. The trust was founded by the Tanzanian Ambassador to the US the Honorable Mwanaidi S. Maajar (formerly High Commissioner to the UK). The Hassan Maajar Trust is registered as a company limited by guarantee and also as a non-governmental organization ('NGO'). It is a not for profit, non-partisan organization that works with people in Tanzania and elsewhere to provide school desks and other furniture and learning equipment for schools in Tanzania.

The Trust was establishes in memory of Hassan Shariff Maajar (Hashy) who died in a tragic road accident November 11, 2006. He was nearly 18. Hassan attended school at Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa in Mbabane, Swaziland where he was studying to become a teacher.

Primary School Desk Program
Ruby Creek has committed to build desks for 1300 primary school children in the towns close to the Gold Plateau Project. Ruby Creek has received donations to construct desks and has matched those donations ten-fold to maximize donor contributions. Skilled carpenters working at the Gold Plateau camp build desks for the local programs.

Gold Plateau Education
Ruby Creek is reopening a school near the Matandani mining village located approximately 12 km from the Gold Plateau Camp. Many children have no access to any school. When we previously opened the school, morning and afternoon meals were provided. We had many of the mothers support the school as assistants. An employee of the Camp will be teaching students from ages 4 -- 14. We were asked to and we will reopen an adult education class for reading on the weekends.
Welcoming children to new school.
Primary school first class.
In the classroom.


There are no modern medical facilities within 100 km (62 miles) of the Gold Plateau Project. We need to help. We are happy to report that Dr. Noah will be rejoining us and we will be reopening our medical clinic.

Ruby Creek is providing for the wellbeing of the local population as well as our employees. A primary care facility, led by Tanzanian Doctor Noah Lamek, had been constructed to provide medical care and medicines. Since the start of the facility, several hundred Tanzanians have been treated. Some have travelled as far as 200 km for this medical care. Dr. Noah also had a program to visit the 5 local villages for education of malaria, other diseases and sanitation. We are reopening.
In-camp direct medical treatment.

Contact information

Tanzania Office
1st Floor, Plot 704/24,
Mkwepu St, PO Box 9820
Dar es Salaam

US Office
11835 W. Olympic Blvd #1235
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Legal Counsel - US
Dieterich & Associates
11835 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 1235
Los Angeles, CA
USA 90064

Rob Slavik, CEO

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